Pre-Op Visit

I had my pre-op visit today. It went well, they asked if I had any questions an they drew labs. I have to call tomorrow to find out what time my surgery is but, the intern said I was the first case on Friday and that they start at 7:30am.

The questions I asked were :
-Can I fill my post-op pain med prescription early?
They said yes and gave it to me early

-Can I watch a recording or make a recording of the internal view of the surgery?
(I work in the medical field and I am very interested in seeing inside to see whats going on in there)
They said maybe but that they will take pictures for me (i don’t think they will let me see the video)

-Do I need to do a bowel prep/ clean out just in case my intestines get cut during surgery by accident?
They said I don’t need to.

-Will the top par of my pubic hair be shaved?
(if it is I will get it waxed in advance to prevent irritation)
They said they are pretty sure they won’t need to shave anything.

-What time do I need to be NPO (nothing by mouth)?
They said midnight the night before my surgery (so about 7 hours before surgery)
-Is there any paperwork the day of surgery that I can fill out in advance?
They said nope, we filled out the anesthesia and consent forms today so I’m all done.

I also told them that, I know it is unlikely, but if they need to remove an internal item they can only take my right ovary. If they need to take the left ovary or my uterus, unless it is life threatening, they re not allowed to take them.
I am letting them take the right ovary if they absolutely must because it has been causing trouble since I was 11 years old (cysts, pain, free fluid ect…).

I went to Target and Trader Joe’s and grabbed some Post-Op indulgent snacks:
I’m putting it all in a basket and keeping it by my recovery area (my couch).
I am also planning on adding some fresh fruit that I will pick up tomorrow so its fresh for my surgery.

I’m really not supposed to have Gluten or Dairy but I am spoiling myself after surgery and will get back on my diet a day or two after my surgery.

I am trying to follow the Low FODMAP. I was told to follow It by my GI doctor for my stomach problems and it has helped me quite a bit.

Thanks for reading!!

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