Next Up: Surgery

My surgery is tomorrow. I have to be there at 6am for a 7:30 procedure. They told me it would be a 2 hour procedure and then the minimum amount of time I can spend in recovery is 1 hour. Lets be real here, I will spend more than 1 hour in recovery with all my medical conditions. I’m not sure what I have to do to get out of there but I’m guessing I will have a catheter in while I’m in surgery so I will have to pee on my own. I may be vomiting from the anesthesia since I’m already a pukey person. I’m guessing I will have to be able to hold down some water if not some sort of food. My vitals will have to be stable-ish and that could be complicated by my POTS. Anyhow, I’ll just have to wait see what happens I suppose.

Here is my packing list for the hospital:


Since I should go home the same day as my surgery,this is what I am bringing with me:

  • Water Bottles
    • I can have water I like after surgery when they allow me to drink and my support person can have one too
  • Cozy Blanket
    • I know I will be freezing cold after surgery and it will be really nice to have my own blanket along with some they provide
  • Heating Pad
    • For the post-op gas pains (from the gas they will use to inflate my abdomen), not sure if I’ll need it there but I would hate to need it and not have it!!!
  • Phone Charger and Tablet Charger
    • Don’t want my batteries to run out if I’m waiting longer than expected for something. (I got a super long phone charger cord from so it can reach all the way from wherever there is a plug to my hospital bed/stretcher)
  • Phone and Tablet
    • There might be waiting, lots of waiting
  • Cough Drops
    • For post-op throat pain from the breathing tube they will have in my throat during the procedure
  • Glasses Case
    • They requested I bring it to store my glasses in during my procedure, because you can not wear contact lenses during the surgery.
  • Lotion
    • Because I’m dry as heck all the time
  • Soft Tissues
    • I’m sure I’ll be emotional afterwards and I’d rather not rub my nose off with hospital issued sandpaper tissues.
  • Pads
    • I will have some light bleeding after my procedure since I am also getting a hysteroscopy in addition to the laparoscopy.
  • Slippers
    • So I can ambulate (walk around) after surgery
  • Comfy Undies
    • Since I don’t want to wear the ones I wore in even though I would have only had them on for an hour or so. It’s just personal preference.
  • Soft Socks
    • To keep my feet warm during and after surgery. I think I am going to wear my flip flops in and probably wear socks and slippers home.

Items Not Pictured
-Wallet with ID, insurance card and money for the copay.
-Paperwork given to me at the Pre-Op visit, just in case I need it
-A small bag of candy for the nurses. It really does go a long way! (and it was less than $3)
-Barf bag, they will probably give me one but when you are a pukey person its best to come prepared
-Eye drops to wet my eyes if they are too dry which is related to a medical condition I have but may be nice for anyone since you may be a bit dry after surgery and the hospital is a very dry place.


Just in case something is more complicated or I take too long to recover, Here is what I will have in the car.

  • Blanket
    • To cozy up in at night, I’m always cold
  • Towel
    • Just to be more comfortable. Hospital towels tend to be small and rough
  • PJs
    • sleeping in a hospital gown can be tricky
  • Robe
    • To wear when walking the hall or in the room, just to be cozy
  • Water Bottle
    • sometimes hospital water tastes funny
  • Pretzels
    • To snack on just in case I need them
  • Contact Solution and Case
    • I might still wear my glasses home though
  • Bar Soap
    • to shower off before going home
  • Toothpaste and Toothbrush
    • for freshness and also the breathing tube and anesthesia make your mouth so stinking dry!
  • Hairbrush and Hairband
    • just to be able to not have a rats nest
  • Undies
    • as you can see undies are on all my lists, can’t have too many fresh undies to change into!
  • Socks
    • cozy toes!
  • Flip-Flops
    • to wear in the shower so I don’t get icky feet
  • Comfy clothes
    • something comfy to wear home that wont dig into my incisions, Ive picked out a PACT wrap dress, they are so soft!! And leggings that I can roll the top down on.

(I work in a hospital so some of my choices are influenced by that)

Thanks for reading!!

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