This One’s For You, Baby!

Today I had surgery. I’m too sleepy to write an entire blog entry tonight but check out my youtube video  to see a bit of my pre-op and post-op. I will be finishing this entry tomorrow. Check back then to hear what happened an hear all the silly things I said when coming out of anesthesia that weren’t caught on video.


So I had surgery yesterday. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would, until I woke up this morning. Talk about OUCH! Thank goodness for my amazing husband who got my meds for me and helped me out of bed. It’s amazing what some women will go through to have a baby!

My husband said that the doctor told him that he found just the right amount of stuff.
They removed some endometriosis and some endometrial/uterine polyps. There was a cyst on my right ovary that they couldn’t remove.
The doctor said that I should see an improvement as far as my pregnancy chances go.
I have to make a follow up appointment to hear everything from the doctor since I did not get to see him after the procedure.
My plan is to do another round of Clomid, HCG and IUI for my cycle in late March. I’ll still have to clear that plan with my RE but he told my mom that it was up to me as far as what treatments I want to do.

During the time that I was waking up from anesthesia I said some pretty silly stuff. My husband said that at one point I suddenly woke up and started asking about spaghetti. “where did I put my spaghetti? I was just eating it…” I was pretty sad when I found out there was no pasta. A few minutes later I did the same thing about ice cream. Then I woke up again and told them I was snuggling with Autumn, one of my dogs. Apparently I was just having a good time with things I love.

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