Unexpected Effects

I knew, going into this, that after surgery I would be sore and swollen and tired and fussy and I would have to take it easy for a while. To my surprise, there were things I didn’t know. Even through all my research I had no idea that my belly would be so swollen and hard that it would seem like there was a whole entire watermelon, or maybe pumpkin, inside my abdomen. I didn’t know that my skin on my belly would itch like the dickens. I didn’t know I would be so dry, everywhere, inside my mouth, my skin, my eyes. My feet were so hot and dry at one point it made me cry. My nose is so dry that I have been having nose bleeds every hour or so for the past 2 days.


Something that has really been helping my belly is an abdominal binder. It kind of smooshed all the swelling and gas and whatever else around and it is slowly helping it go away. It also holds everything still when I walk around so it makes walking a little easier.
Click here to see the one I got on amazon.com, its cheap and worth it.
(I do not get any money or benefit in any way from the sale of that item, I just want you to be able to see what I’m talking about)

I think I will finally be able to stop taking the oxycodone today. My next dose is at 5:30pm and I’m going to see if I can go without it. I tried to go without it yesterday and I was hurting pretty bad every time I moved so I caved and took it.

My husband told me that he wants to start doing the vlog videos with me so be on the look out for a new video soon with both of us in it.

so I only made it until 7:30pm and then I had to take an oxycodone with my next dose of ibuprofen. I guess today is not the day to quit the pain meds but I’m hopeful that maybe tomorrow I can ease up on the medications.

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4 thoughts on “Unexpected Effects

  1. elizabethkimberley says:

    The surgery over all wasn’t too bad, it’s just for some reason I’m extra fussy. I have chronic pain from a genetic condition and the surgery pain is no where near as bad as the pain I have day to day. The surgery pain I have is just some sharp burning pains during recovery that only lasted a few seconds but they felt like my incision scars were tearing inside. Not fun! I’m lucky because I didn’t get any gas pain at all in my shoulders which is very painful. My recommendation is to get an abdominal binder. It really helped me a lot in getting the gas to come out (the gas disolves into your bowels and comes out as fats apparently ) and it helped support my swollen belly when I was walking around. It hurts for a second to put it on but then it’s so nice! Just make sure to wear it really tight. Also drink lots of water and if you are taking prescription pain pills, take miralax to prevent constipation. It’s terrible being constipated after abdominal surgery since that area is already tender.


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