Surgery Complication

I feel so blah today! I had to go to the doctor today because one of my incisions from my laparoscopic surgery is infected. They looked at it and we decided to try to skip the oral antibiotics. They gave my a special soap to use to wash it every day called chlorhexidine. Then once I’ve taken my shower then I have to use one of the sterile swabs dipped in the saline and peroxide mixture they gave me. Once I’ve dabbed that on then I have to let it dry. Next, they gave me bacitracin ointment to put on it. Then I cover it was a gauze and tape. If it gets any worse I have to go back in and they will put me on antibiotics. Hopefully it clears up fast. It has already gotten a bit better since my appointment today. Hopefully I will feel better soon and I’ll be up to making another vlog entry.

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