Supplements and Jewelry

Today was pill day!

I go through and put all my Supplements  in containers. I have quit taking almost all of my prescription medications since they are all no-nos during pregnancy. This saves me about 15 minutes every day getting my meds for the day ready to take to work.

I am taking the following supplements to try to increase fertility:
-Omega 3 EPA/DHA
-Nettle Leaf
-Folate 800mg
-Magnesium 250mg
-Inositol 500mg
-Red Raspberry
-CoQ10 300mg
-Asprin 81mg
-Antacid (Tums) 1000mg
-Smarty Pants prenatal vitamin with folate


I also made my fertility bracelet today. It was just a fun little craft that was an excellent stress reliever. I looked over all my beads and picked out all my favorite ones in the right colors (blue and pink, of course!) I couldn’t resist adding two purple and green stones at the end, just because I like them so much. Also, some of the pink stones are rose quartz which is supposed to aid in fertility.
Thanks for reading!!

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