Spring, IUI vs IVF and April the Giraffe

New vlog is posted here

Spring has come full force here, well actually Summer has almost come with every other day hitting at least 75 degrees. I have already had 3 cook outs for goodness sake!  It’s now nearly getting to hot for me to be comfortable working outside to get the yard ready for spring. Either way, the time for beautiful flowers and new life is upon us. I have had lots of birds visiting my bird feeder including a young woodpecker and what I’m guessing is a young blue jay. It has been so nice to be able to enjoy my morning cup of coffee and listen to the songs of all the birds.

Speaking of new life, We are starting our next medicated cycle in mid March! Yippie!!!! The doctor said that we can do whatever we would like for that cycle so we decided on Clomid 50mg days 3-7, HCG trigger injection when the follicles are ready and IUI 36 hours after the trigger.
The doctor did say he was ready to start IVF with us whenever we are ready. That kind of made my stomach hit the floor! I don’t know a whole lot about IVF since I never in a million years thought I would have to go that far. I would really love for anyone reading this that has gone through IVF to share their story. What is something that you wish you had known before starting IVF? What was surprising to you during IVF? What did you do, what is the basic way IVF goes from start to finish?  I know the super general idea of what IVF is, egg+sperm in a dish for some time an once it is a few days old it goes in the uterus or it can be frozen some time and then go in and then it sticks and is a baby that is born or it doesn’t stick and you get more potential babies put in until you use up all your potential babies. (I’m guessing all that is correct but I can’t be 100% positive).
Also, anyone tried Ferma instead of Clomid? We are possible switching to Ferma if we end up doing another IUI after the mid March cycle since my lining was a little thin (7) on my last Clomid cycle. How was it? Did it thicken your lining? Did you get pregnant?

Me and my furbaby, Summer Sunshine (AKA: Tummy):

In preparation for the new plants that will soon occupy the raised garden bed I have pulled out some of the things left from last years garden. These little carrots made it through the winter just fine. I planted the carrots for the dogs but they never got very big so I just left them there to see if they would grow. They did grow, but not much. The dogs didn’t really care though and they were happy to gobble them up either way. (check out my video about my dogs eating carrots here)



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P.S. Come on April the Giraffe! You can do it girl!! Hopefully when I wake up in the morning I can watch the birth video, because you look pretty uncomfortable!
I haven’t watched a lot of the feed but I have been checking in here and there for a few days now and since my mind is on babies anyhow, its nice to have a baby related thing that’s just for fun.


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