30th Birthday

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Today I had some friends over to celebrate my 30th Birthday. I had a blast with everyone and over all I’m pretty happy to be 30 years old. I do worry about getting older and not yet having children. I had always grown up thinking I would have my first child when I was 22 years old. Now that I’m 30 and have no kids I’m pretty sad about that.


Today marks a new cycle and with it comes hope. This will be my first medicated cycle since surgery and we are adding progesterone to the mix as well. I will do 5 days of clomid, then after an ultrasound to check that my follicles are large enough, I will take the HCG Ovidrel injection to cause ovulation and 36 hours after the injection I will go in for IUI. I just have a good feeling about this cycle. I will be getting a massage a few days before ovulation and I have been doing acupuncture every week for about 9 weeks now. I should be all kinds of relaxed and refreshed to get pregnant.


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