Cycle Day 5

I just want to pop in and give you all a quick update.


My husband got me a wonderful beautiful mug that I have had my eye on from Caribou Coffee for my birthday. It even came with lid to its a travel mug too! I LOVE it!!
I had a wonderful 30th Birthday. I got to sleep in which was amazing and refreshing. Then I had brunch at one of my favorite restaurants with Will, my mom and brother. Then Will took me to get some clothes from one if my friends who sells LuLaRoe. I got 3 pairs of leggings and 1 Carly dress and I am so in love with them! After that Will and I went to the mall and looked around for a while. We had a fancy delicious dinner at Firebirds. Our first date was at Firebirds so it is really nice to get to go back all these years later, we even got to sit at the same booth where we had our first date. After dinner we went and saw Beauty and the Beast. We were the only people in the whole theater so that was neat.  My husband and I worked in Walt Disney World in 2011 and we are big Disney fans. (Even my nickname at work is Disney)


So on the fertility stuffs:

I am currently on cycle day 5. Can you believe I FORGOT to take my clomid on cycle day 3?!?! so I’ll be taking it from cycle days 4 to 8 this time, which should be totally fine. Some people do 1-5 some do 2-6 or 3-7 or 4-8 or 5-9. It all depends on what the doctor is wanting to happen and what works best for your body. I was originally supposed to take it 3-7 this time.
The rumor floating around is that the earlier you take it the more follicles you get but they are poorer quality. If you take it later you get less follicles but they are better quality. So hopefully 4-8 will give us maybe 2 good quality eggs and maybe 1 will stick since the chances for each are pretty low. I believe the doctor said I have a 20% chance of becoming pregnant this cycle. (which from what I’m told is the same as a normal fertile couple)

This cycle we are doing:

  • Clomid 50mg days 4-8
  • Cycle day 11 ultrasound to check for follicle sizes
  • HCG (Ovidrel) Trigger injection when there is a follicle between 18mm and 25mm
  • IUI (intrauterine insemination) 36 hours after the HCG injection
  • Vaginal progesterone suppositories every day starting 24 hours after IUI
  • 14 days after IUI I will take a pregnancy test and if it is negative I will stop taking the progesterone and if it is positive I will continue taking the progesterone.


So on my last monitored cycle with Clomid my lining was only 7mm and they really like it to be 8mm and up for implantation to occur. The cycle before that I was at 9mm. Unfortunately, Clomid things uterine lining. So I have scoured the web and come up with the only things I could find that could possibly help thicken lining.

  • Raspberry leaf tea  (I will drink 2 12oz cups a day cycle days 4-trigger injection)
  • *Vitamin E 400IU (I will take 1 a day cycle days 4-trigger injection)*
  • Pomegranate Juice (I will drink about 250ml or 8oz of this cycle day 4- trigger injection)

**** DO NOT TAKE VITAMIN E WHILE PREGNANT***** It is very important to ask a doctor about all supplements, medications and herbs you are taking because some could cause miscarriage or birth defects. I also encourage you to fact check your doctors as I have had a doctor tell me it was save to take a particular herbal supplement during pregnancy that I later found out is NOT safe at all during pregnancy. So ask you doctors and do your own research too!

Hopefully this will get me a nice plump uterine lining that is all warm and squishy for a baby to grow on!! I will update with my measurement as soon as I know.

So my cycle day 3 baseline scan showed:

  • 3mm uterine lining
  • One 11mm cyst or follicle on my right ovary (there is no way to tell the difference between cyst and follicle on ultrasound)
  • 6 smaller cysts or follicles on my right ovary
  • nothing at all on my left ovary

This is a little strange to me since I shouldn’t have a follicle that big yet and plus it is my left ovaries turn to be dominant so the left should be the one with all the follicles starting to come out. They did some blood work just to check since the 11mm thing was there. They said all my labs came back normal so I’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

Thanks for reading!!
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Read here to see how the attempt to thicken my lining went!!





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