Yesterday I got an almost positive OPK (ovulation predictor kit strip). I called my fertility office and let them know that by tomorrow morning (which is today now) I would have a positive OPK. For some reason they didn’t seem to care and I have no idea why since they are always going on and on about getting my scan done before my LH surge. The plan was supposed to be that I inject myself with the HCG trigger injection, Ovidrel. Then 36 hours after the injection we would do IUI. If I were to wait until my body was having an LH surge one, there would be no reason to use the trigger shot and two, we wouldn’t know when 36 hours after my surge is so we don’ know when to do the IUI. Also, one time before I came in with an LH surge and my follicles were all already too big meaning that the egg inside was over-mature (too old). The ideal size for follicles on the day of trigger injection is from 18mm to 15mm. if we let my body go on its own I get up to 31mm and maybe even bigger, we stopped looking then and did the trigger injection anyhow. I am extremely frustrated by the fact that they don’t seem to remember anything about my situation and/or they didn’t even look at my chart. Several times I have gone in for an appointment an they have had they have talked to me about something that doesn’t apply to me. for example: they asked how my bellybutton infection was when my bellybutton was never even infected, they thought my plan this cycle was to take Ferma when I had specifically told them and sent them a message saying that I had decided to stick with the Clomid for one more cycle (since the doctor wanted to give me a choice between the two). I just want to tell them, you have my chart right there at your fingertips, I know you have a lot of other patients but that shouldn’t mean that I am less important or that its ok to drop the ball on my care.


I had a massage this morning that was a gift from my parents for my birthday. It was absolutely divine! Then I went and played disc golf at the local course with my husband an we went to dinner at our favorite Thai food place. I got to take plenty of pictures of the neat plants at the disc golf course. The woods that the course is in had a major fire several years ago so there are burnt trees around and even the trees that made it through the fire still have visible scars from it.


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