Trigger Today, IUI Tomorrow

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I had my follicle scan today. They saw 2 good follicles at 21mm and 24mm. I’m very excited! The only bad news was that my lining was only 6.5mm. I was hoping to get to 8mm. The Pom juice, Raspberry Leaf tea and vitamin E did work though. My lining usually only increased be 2mm in 10 days all the times before but this time I did have an improvement/ increase of 3.5mm in 9 days! That’s HUGE improvement! I will continue to try to improve by drinking the tea and Pom juice but I will discontinue the vitamin E since it should not be taken during pregnancy.

So the plan is:

  • Trigger injection at 2:30pm today
  • IUI at 11:30am tomorrow
  • daily vaginal progesterone suppository
  • Home HCG tests to test out the trigger
  • Home HCG test to check for pregnancy at 14 days past IUI
  • I will go in for a blood test on 14 days past IUI just to be sure, if its negative then stop the progesterone, If positive CELEBRATE!

On a side note: I have to get my POTS (chronic medical condition that causes me to pass out) under control! I was going to go to work today, I was all dressed and packed and heading to the car. I was going to get acupuncture before work from 5pm to 6pm and then work 7pm-7:30am when I blacked out. Thank goodness I was able to kneel down just before going out so when I fell it was only a few inches. Usually I get a few seconds warning so I don’t often get too hurt, but, I have bashed my head a time or two and bruised my butt bone something fierce. I will be going somewhere tomorrow to get IV fluids to help, my primary care doctor has not been able to give fluids in her office for a few years now so I’ll have to ask if she has figured out what I can do since it costs $588 and some change for 2 bags of fluids at the infusion center and that’s after insurance has paid all they will pay.

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