Blood Pregnancy Test Today

Like the title states, I’m getting a blood pregnancy test done today. It will be a quantitative, or beta, blood test. That will show exactly how much HCG is in my system. Anything over 5 is considered pregnant but i think the viable pregnant range is something like 20 but I can’t remember.

I have had cramping since my IUI on the 30th of March. The first 2 days i had pretty heavy cramping and since then it has been a dull intermittent cramping, kind of like my period is about to start but its been for the past 12 days and my period hasn’t started.

Now before I get too far into this entry let me say that I am on vaginal progesterone suppositories twice daily. Progesterone is responsible for many of the early pregnancy symptoms so it stands to reason that my cramping could be from that.

I have had a few VERY EXTREMELY SUPER faint positive tests. Here are 2 of them taken on April 8th (yes, the photos were taken before 10 minutes had passed). They aren’t quite as visible in the photos as they are with the naked eye.


As you can see, were talking SUPER faint!
Most of my faint lines have been on the easy@home brand internet cheapies from Amazon. I have had one (pictured above) on the equate brand and one on a First Response Early Result.

Could it be trigger injection left over?
I doubt it. In the past when I have used the HCG trigger injection the last day i can get a positive test is 9 days after the injection. My first faint positives were 10 days past the injection and they were slightly darker than the tests from 9 days past the injection when I was expecting them to be 100% blank. I suppose it could just be something strange, maybe I had some that was stored up somehow in my body and it came out then, maybe it was leftover trigger added to early baby HCG so it looked darker since it was 2 sources of HCG combined. who knows. I have gotten slight positives on the 10th, 11th and 12th. But of course on those 3 days I have taken about 5 different brands of tests and only the internet cheapies have given me the faint lines. Also, They aren’t getting any darker, if anything they are getting lighter.

I love to eat but in the past few days I have had some wicked nausea. The only thing I have been able to eat since 4pm on April 11th has been 1 can of tomato soup, a few gluten free crackers and some mashed potatoes. I’ve still been able to drink water but not much at a time and I have had 2 cups of decaf coffee with a little non-dairy cream. I feel slightly hungry but whenever I think about eating my stomach turns.
The day the nausea started I had gone to the store to buy a big juicy steak since that’s what I was craving. I got back to the meat section and I had to leave the store with no dinner because the smell and sight of the meats nearly made me puke in the middle of the grocery store.

Maybe the nausea is being caused by the progesterone too. I have been on the progesterone since 10pm on March 31st and have only now become nauseated so it might be from the progesterone building up in my system or it might not, there really isn’t a way to tell.

So in summation, cramping, nausea and faint positives. I would say I have a pretty good chance of a positive. I’m just very skeptical and nervous that its all just random events coming together to trick me into thinking I have a chance.

Well I’ll know for sure by bed time tonight.

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