This Is Not The End

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We missed our last ovulation by accident because I ovulated on cycle day 9. We went in for our cycle day 10 ultrasound to count our follicles and see if I could inject my trigger shot. They saw one follicle that had already ovulated and verified that I already ovulated with my lab results.

We decided to switch fertility clinics and went to a consultation visit. The new doctor says that he is pretty sure that our problem is that my egg quality is poor. He made this decision by looking at the trends from my last 6 months of ultrasounds and blood work results. We have decided that our best chance is to take 3 months off and then begin injectable meds.  During those 3 months off I will do 2 things to improve my egg quality. First of all, I will be losing some weight. My BMI is 30.3 and it is very beneficial to egg quality to lose weight if your BMI is over 30. I am currently 188lbs and 5 feet 6 inches tall. My goal is to get to 159lbs, which will be a 15% loss of my current body weight. I’m thinking that even thought I would still be in the overweight category that it should really help with my egg quality.
I will also start taking an easy to absorb form of CoQ10. That is supposed to help with egg quality as well.

From what I read, it takes about 90 days for an immature egg to grow to become an egg that can be released during ovulation. With that in mind I am really hoping that all the things I’m doing now will help build the best possible egg.

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2 thoughts on “This Is Not The End

  1. havingonlypositiveexpectations says:

    You can do so much to improve egg quality and prep your body for pregnancy, good for you for taking this important step! Have you read “It Starts With the Egg” by Rebecca Fett? I found it very encouraging. A good fertility acupuncturist can also help you make the most of your 90 day “pre-mester”. These 3 months will fly by, I assure you – good luck!


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