Weight Loss Update and The Two Week Wait


I’m finally back after quite a long break. Last time I wrote I was going to begin trying to lose weight and take CoQ10 to help improve my egg quality.

I did end up losing 12lbs!! Sadly I have gained back 4 lbs due to my health not cooperating. I was going to my cardiopulmonary rehab visits (pretty much a medically supervised gym workout on the recumbent bike). I began having more chest pain than usual and I passed out on two separate occasions while on the bike at rehab. I went to urgent care to get checked out and they told me everything was normal. I later learned that at that visit I had changes in my EKG. It now showed that I have Left Atrial Enlargement and Rsr’ pattern.  Urgent care gave me an infusion of normal saline, which is the standard treatment for my POTS (Postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome) and they sent me home.
I continued to have worsening symptoms and went to the ER a week later. They did another EKG and, After a 9 hour wait in the waiting room, they gave me an infusion of normal saline and sent me home.
About 6 days later one nigh when I was at work I had a terrible episode. My heart rate had been low for an hour, in the 50s, which isn’t too bad but for me it is extremely strange. For me to be anything less than 75 beats per minute while at work is lower than my normal. I kept telling the nurse I was sitting beside that I felt strange and that something was off so that she could keep an eye on me. If I went to the supply room and didn’t come back she would come looking for me.
About an hour into the low heart rate everything switched. I felt a terrible extreme pain in my chest like my heart was being crushed. I had my personal pulse monitor on my finger at the time and my heart rate went from 57 to 140 in a matter of milliseconds, pretty much as fast as the machine could read it. I could not breathe and my vision was going black. I slid down out of my chair onto the nasty germ ridden hospital floor and grabbed my neck because it felt like the veins were going to explode. I could hear a wooshing sound which I suppose was all the blood in my head moving around. I know my heart rate got higher than the 140s just biased on how my symptoms progressed but I do not know how high it went since I was unable to look at my monitor. It seemed to me that the event only lasted about 30-45 seconds but the nurse that was with me said it was ore like 3-4 minutes. Strangely enough, when the event was over I actually felt better than I had in months. One of the nurses joked that I must have cardioverted myself.
I went to the ER and was taken back immediately. They did another EKG and got labs on me. I had gotten an electrocardiogram (ultrasound of the heart) done just the day before in an effort to check into my changes in my EKGs and symptoms. Thank goodness I had because they wanted to admit me to the hospital for at least 24 hours of cardiac monitoring. I was able to go home since I promised to get a heart monitor placed by my electrophysiologist (kind of like a cardiologist) the next day.
For 30 days I wore a monitor that recorded every single heartbeat. Thankfully it only showed some instances of tachycardia and skipped beats which are things I have had for a very long time.

So… spending a month with terrible symptoms and a month afraid it may come back is why my weight loss didn’t work out as well as I had hoped. I have been taking plenty of CoQ10 however. I have been taking the Ubiquinol 200MG made by Solgar and I love it! It is a bit expensive but it will be so worth it if it improved my eggs enough to have a baby. Here is the link to the CoQ10 I take. (I do not get anything from amazon or anyone if you buy it, I just wanted to share it since I love it.)



Surprise!! I am officially in the dreaded two week wait!!! This month we did a cycle with Femara on days 3-7 and Follistim injections days 7-9. I got my baseline ultrasound on cycle day 2 and for the first time ever it had NO CYSTS AT ALL!!!
I went on cycle day 9 for my follicle check, have a look at the video here for those results.


It looks really promising. If I could change one thing, I would have hoped for a thicker lining. It was only 5.something but she said it looked good and mature and ready. I really hope it will get thicker in the time it will take for the egg to fertilize.

I was really surprised that they didn’t check any labs since having lots of bigger follicles can raise your estrogen levels.

During the day I had some red spotting twice and a tiny bit of brown spotting and then it stopped. I was also having lots of cramping at the time. I am sure it is too early for implantation bleeding and from what I have read it is pretty rare anyhow. I would also guess that it would be too late for ovulation bleeding since there was fresh red blood. It really is confusing! At least it has stopped and I’m (pretty much) back to normal.

5DPO: (today)

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