Weight Loss Update and The Two Week Wait


I’m finally back after quite a long break. Last time I wrote I was going to begin trying to lose weight and take CoQ10 to help improve my egg quality.

I did end up losing 12lbs!! Sadly I have gained back 4 lbs due to my health not cooperating. I was going to my cardiopulmonary rehab visits (pretty much a medically supervised gym workout on the recumbent bike). I began having more chest pain than usual and I passed out on two separate occasions while on the bike at rehab. I went to urgent care to get checked out and they told me everything was normal. I later learned that at that visit I had changes in my EKG. It now showed that I have Left Atrial Enlargement and Rsr’ pattern.  Urgent care gave me an infusion of normal saline, which is the standard treatment for my POTS (Postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome) and they sent me home.
I continued to have worsening symptoms and went to the ER a week later. They did another EKG and, After a 9 hour wait in the waiting room, they gave me an infusion of normal saline and sent me home.
About 6 days later one nigh when I was at work I had a terrible episode. My heart rate had been low for an hour, in the 50s, which isn’t too bad but for me it is extremely strange. For me to be anything less than 75 beats per minute while at work is lower than my normal. I kept telling the nurse I was sitting beside that I felt strange and that something was off so that she could keep an eye on me. If I went to the supply room and didn’t come back she would come looking for me.
About an hour into the low heart rate everything switched. I felt a terrible extreme pain in my chest like my heart was being crushed. I had my personal pulse monitor on my finger at the time and my heart rate went from 57 to 140 in a matter of milliseconds, pretty much as fast as the machine could read it. I could not breathe and my vision was going black. I slid down out of my chair onto the nasty germ ridden hospital floor and grabbed my neck because it felt like the veins were going to explode. I could hear a wooshing sound which I suppose was all the blood in my head moving around. I know my heart rate got higher than the 140s just biased on how my symptoms progressed but I do not know how high it went since I was unable to look at my monitor. It seemed to me that the event only lasted about 30-45 seconds but the nurse that was with me said it was ore like 3-4 minutes. Strangely enough, when the event was over I actually felt better than I had in months. One of the nurses joked that I must have cardioverted myself.
I went to the ER and was taken back immediately. They did another EKG and got labs on me. I had gotten an electrocardiogram (ultrasound of the heart) done just the day before in an effort to check into my changes in my EKGs and symptoms. Thank goodness I had because they wanted to admit me to the hospital for at least 24 hours of cardiac monitoring. I was able to go home since I promised to get a heart monitor placed by my electrophysiologist (kind of like a cardiologist) the next day.
For 30 days I wore a monitor that recorded every single heartbeat. Thankfully it only showed some instances of tachycardia and skipped beats which are things I have had for a very long time.

So… spending a month with terrible symptoms and a month afraid it may come back is why my weight loss didn’t work out as well as I had hoped. I have been taking plenty of CoQ10 however. I have been taking the Ubiquinol 200MG made by Solgar and I love it! It is a bit expensive but it will be so worth it if it improved my eggs enough to have a baby. Here is the link to the CoQ10 I take. (I do not get anything from amazon or anyone if you buy it, I just wanted to share it since I love it.)



Surprise!! I am officially in the dreaded two week wait!!! This month we did a cycle with Femara on days 3-7 and Follistim injections days 7-9. I got my baseline ultrasound on cycle day 2 and for the first time ever it had NO CYSTS AT ALL!!!
I went on cycle day 9 for my follicle check, have a look at the video here for those results.


It looks really promising. If I could change one thing, I would have hoped for a thicker lining. It was only 5.something but she said it looked good and mature and ready. I really hope it will get thicker in the time it will take for the egg to fertilize.

I was really surprised that they didn’t check any labs since having lots of bigger follicles can raise your estrogen levels.

During the day I had some red spotting twice and a tiny bit of brown spotting and then it stopped. I was also having lots of cramping at the time. I am sure it is too early for implantation bleeding and from what I have read it is pretty rare anyhow. I would also guess that it would be too late for ovulation bleeding since there was fresh red blood. It really is confusing! At least it has stopped and I’m (pretty much) back to normal.

5DPO: (today)

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This Is Not The End

Big changes have recently taken place! Check out our most recent Vlog here

We missed our last ovulation by accident because I ovulated on cycle day 9. We went in for our cycle day 10 ultrasound to count our follicles and see if I could inject my trigger shot. They saw one follicle that had already ovulated and verified that I already ovulated with my lab results.

We decided to switch fertility clinics and went to a consultation visit. The new doctor says that he is pretty sure that our problem is that my egg quality is poor. He made this decision by looking at the trends from my last 6 months of ultrasounds and blood work results. We have decided that our best chance is to take 3 months off and then begin injectable meds.  During those 3 months off I will do 2 things to improve my egg quality. First of all, I will be losing some weight. My BMI is 30.3 and it is very beneficial to egg quality to lose weight if your BMI is over 30. I am currently 188lbs and 5 feet 6 inches tall. My goal is to get to 159lbs, which will be a 15% loss of my current body weight. I’m thinking that even thought I would still be in the overweight category that it should really help with my egg quality.
I will also start taking an easy to absorb form of CoQ10. That is supposed to help with egg quality as well.

From what I read, it takes about 90 days for an immature egg to grow to become an egg that can be released during ovulation. With that in mind I am really hoping that all the things I’m doing now will help build the best possible egg.

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Pregnancy Test Results

Watch the video that goes with this entry here.

I went in yesterday for a blood pregnancy test. After the blood draw I had lunch at the mall near by and went to Bath and Body Works. I got a honeysuckle candle for my mother in law for mothers day since they were buy one get one free. I wanted them to call with the results so badly, I kept my phone in my hand the whole time. When they called  I had actually put my phone in my pocket for a minute. I had wanted them to leave the results in a message so I could listen to it with my husband but then i saw that it was only a 10 second message I knew it was too quick to be the results. Sure enough it was a message asking me to call them. So I called them back once I was in my car, that way I wouldn’t have an emotional explosion of any ind in the middle of the mall.
I called the number they had provided back and it was the doctors personal line. She told me that the results were negative and that the early faint positives I had gotten must have been a chemical pregnancy and that there was nothing present now.


So, now where do we go from here? We will stop the progesterone suppositories and wait for my period to start. Once it starts I’ll go in for a cycle day 1 or 2 ultrasound to make sure we are starting with a clean slate. Then I will be taking letrozole (Femara) this cycle as opposed to the clomid that we did he last 3 cycles since my lining is too thin. Hopefully I’ll be able to get a nice beefed up lining for this cycle. then on day cycle day 11 ill go in for a mid cycle ultrasound to check my follicle sizes and count. If they look good (between 18mm and 22mm) then I’ll us the HCG trigger injection. I have not decided if we will do IUI this cycle or not due to the fact that it is so expensive and I have already spent all my extra money on fertility treatments and the surgery to correct some fertility issues. If we did IUI this cycle it would have to come right out of my paycheck. I make about $800 every 2 weeks so $580 out of a paycheck is pretty massive and I really don’t think I will be able to do it this time. Maybe I can pick up a bunch of overtime shifts next schedule and then we can afford to do another IUI in two or 3 months.


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Blood Pregnancy Test Today

Like the title states, I’m getting a blood pregnancy test done today. It will be a quantitative, or beta, blood test. That will show exactly how much HCG is in my system. Anything over 5 is considered pregnant but i think the viable pregnant range is something like 20 but I can’t remember.

I have had cramping since my IUI on the 30th of March. The first 2 days i had pretty heavy cramping and since then it has been a dull intermittent cramping, kind of like my period is about to start but its been for the past 12 days and my period hasn’t started.

Now before I get too far into this entry let me say that I am on vaginal progesterone suppositories twice daily. Progesterone is responsible for many of the early pregnancy symptoms so it stands to reason that my cramping could be from that.

I have had a few VERY EXTREMELY SUPER faint positive tests. Here are 2 of them taken on April 8th (yes, the photos were taken before 10 minutes had passed). They aren’t quite as visible in the photos as they are with the naked eye.


As you can see, were talking SUPER faint!
Most of my faint lines have been on the easy@home brand internet cheapies from Amazon. I have had one (pictured above) on the equate brand and one on a First Response Early Result.

Could it be trigger injection left over?
I doubt it. In the past when I have used the HCG trigger injection the last day i can get a positive test is 9 days after the injection. My first faint positives were 10 days past the injection and they were slightly darker than the tests from 9 days past the injection when I was expecting them to be 100% blank. I suppose it could just be something strange, maybe I had some that was stored up somehow in my body and it came out then, maybe it was leftover trigger added to early baby HCG so it looked darker since it was 2 sources of HCG combined. who knows. I have gotten slight positives on the 10th, 11th and 12th. But of course on those 3 days I have taken about 5 different brands of tests and only the internet cheapies have given me the faint lines. Also, They aren’t getting any darker, if anything they are getting lighter.

I love to eat but in the past few days I have had some wicked nausea. The only thing I have been able to eat since 4pm on April 11th has been 1 can of tomato soup, a few gluten free crackers and some mashed potatoes. I’ve still been able to drink water but not much at a time and I have had 2 cups of decaf coffee with a little non-dairy cream. I feel slightly hungry but whenever I think about eating my stomach turns.
The day the nausea started I had gone to the store to buy a big juicy steak since that’s what I was craving. I got back to the meat section and I had to leave the store with no dinner because the smell and sight of the meats nearly made me puke in the middle of the grocery store.

Maybe the nausea is being caused by the progesterone too. I have been on the progesterone since 10pm on March 31st and have only now become nauseated so it might be from the progesterone building up in my system or it might not, there really isn’t a way to tell.

So in summation, cramping, nausea and faint positives. I would say I have a pretty good chance of a positive. I’m just very skeptical and nervous that its all just random events coming together to trick me into thinking I have a chance.

Well I’ll know for sure by bed time tonight.

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Trigger Today, IUI Tomorrow

New Vlog post is up here

I had my follicle scan today. They saw 2 good follicles at 21mm and 24mm. I’m very excited! The only bad news was that my lining was only 6.5mm. I was hoping to get to 8mm. The Pom juice, Raspberry Leaf tea and vitamin E did work though. My lining usually only increased be 2mm in 10 days all the times before but this time I did have an improvement/ increase of 3.5mm in 9 days! That’s HUGE improvement! I will continue to try to improve by drinking the tea and Pom juice but I will discontinue the vitamin E since it should not be taken during pregnancy.

So the plan is:

  • Trigger injection at 2:30pm today
  • IUI at 11:30am tomorrow
  • daily vaginal progesterone suppository
  • Home HCG tests to test out the trigger
  • Home HCG test to check for pregnancy at 14 days past IUI
  • I will go in for a blood test on 14 days past IUI just to be sure, if its negative then stop the progesterone, If positive CELEBRATE!

On a side note: I have to get my POTS (chronic medical condition that causes me to pass out) under control! I was going to go to work today, I was all dressed and packed and heading to the car. I was going to get acupuncture before work from 5pm to 6pm and then work 7pm-7:30am when I blacked out. Thank goodness I was able to kneel down just before going out so when I fell it was only a few inches. Usually I get a few seconds warning so I don’t often get too hurt, but, I have bashed my head a time or two and bruised my butt bone something fierce. I will be going somewhere tomorrow to get IV fluids to help, my primary care doctor has not been able to give fluids in her office for a few years now so I’ll have to ask if she has figured out what I can do since it costs $588 and some change for 2 bags of fluids at the infusion center and that’s after insurance has paid all they will pay.

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Yesterday I got an almost positive OPK (ovulation predictor kit strip). I called my fertility office and let them know that by tomorrow morning (which is today now) I would have a positive OPK. For some reason they didn’t seem to care and I have no idea why since they are always going on and on about getting my scan done before my LH surge. The plan was supposed to be that I inject myself with the HCG trigger injection, Ovidrel. Then 36 hours after the injection we would do IUI. If I were to wait until my body was having an LH surge one, there would be no reason to use the trigger shot and two, we wouldn’t know when 36 hours after my surge is so we don’ know when to do the IUI. Also, one time before I came in with an LH surge and my follicles were all already too big meaning that the egg inside was over-mature (too old). The ideal size for follicles on the day of trigger injection is from 18mm to 15mm. if we let my body go on its own I get up to 31mm and maybe even bigger, we stopped looking then and did the trigger injection anyhow. I am extremely frustrated by the fact that they don’t seem to remember anything about my situation and/or they didn’t even look at my chart. Several times I have gone in for an appointment an they have had they have talked to me about something that doesn’t apply to me. for example: they asked how my bellybutton infection was when my bellybutton was never even infected, they thought my plan this cycle was to take Ferma when I had specifically told them and sent them a message saying that I had decided to stick with the Clomid for one more cycle (since the doctor wanted to give me a choice between the two). I just want to tell them, you have my chart right there at your fingertips, I know you have a lot of other patients but that shouldn’t mean that I am less important or that its ok to drop the ball on my care.


I had a massage this morning that was a gift from my parents for my birthday. It was absolutely divine! Then I went and played disc golf at the local course with my husband an we went to dinner at our favorite Thai food place. I got to take plenty of pictures of the neat plants at the disc golf course. The woods that the course is in had a major fire several years ago so there are burnt trees around and even the trees that made it through the fire still have visible scars from it.


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Cycle Day 5

I just want to pop in and give you all a quick update.


My husband got me a wonderful beautiful mug that I have had my eye on from Caribou Coffee for my birthday. It even came with lid to its a travel mug too! I LOVE it!!
I had a wonderful 30th Birthday. I got to sleep in which was amazing and refreshing. Then I had brunch at one of my favorite restaurants with Will, my mom and brother. Then Will took me to get some clothes from one if my friends who sells LuLaRoe. I got 3 pairs of leggings and 1 Carly dress and I am so in love with them! After that Will and I went to the mall and looked around for a while. We had a fancy delicious dinner at Firebirds. Our first date was at Firebirds so it is really nice to get to go back all these years later, we even got to sit at the same booth where we had our first date. After dinner we went and saw Beauty and the Beast. We were the only people in the whole theater so that was neat.  My husband and I worked in Walt Disney World in 2011 and we are big Disney fans. (Even my nickname at work is Disney)


So on the fertility stuffs:

I am currently on cycle day 5. Can you believe I FORGOT to take my clomid on cycle day 3?!?! so I’ll be taking it from cycle days 4 to 8 this time, which should be totally fine. Some people do 1-5 some do 2-6 or 3-7 or 4-8 or 5-9. It all depends on what the doctor is wanting to happen and what works best for your body. I was originally supposed to take it 3-7 this time.
The rumor floating around is that the earlier you take it the more follicles you get but they are poorer quality. If you take it later you get less follicles but they are better quality. So hopefully 4-8 will give us maybe 2 good quality eggs and maybe 1 will stick since the chances for each are pretty low. I believe the doctor said I have a 20% chance of becoming pregnant this cycle. (which from what I’m told is the same as a normal fertile couple)

This cycle we are doing:

  • Clomid 50mg days 4-8
  • Cycle day 11 ultrasound to check for follicle sizes
  • HCG (Ovidrel) Trigger injection when there is a follicle between 18mm and 25mm
  • IUI (intrauterine insemination) 36 hours after the HCG injection
  • Vaginal progesterone suppositories every day starting 24 hours after IUI
  • 14 days after IUI I will take a pregnancy test and if it is negative I will stop taking the progesterone and if it is positive I will continue taking the progesterone.


So on my last monitored cycle with Clomid my lining was only 7mm and they really like it to be 8mm and up for implantation to occur. The cycle before that I was at 9mm. Unfortunately, Clomid things uterine lining. So I have scoured the web and come up with the only things I could find that could possibly help thicken lining.

  • Raspberry leaf tea  (I will drink 2 12oz cups a day cycle days 4-trigger injection)
  • *Vitamin E 400IU (I will take 1 a day cycle days 4-trigger injection)*
  • Pomegranate Juice (I will drink about 250ml or 8oz of this cycle day 4- trigger injection)

**** DO NOT TAKE VITAMIN E WHILE PREGNANT***** It is very important to ask a doctor about all supplements, medications and herbs you are taking because some could cause miscarriage or birth defects. I also encourage you to fact check your doctors as I have had a doctor tell me it was save to take a particular herbal supplement during pregnancy that I later found out is NOT safe at all during pregnancy. So ask you doctors and do your own research too!

Hopefully this will get me a nice plump uterine lining that is all warm and squishy for a baby to grow on!! I will update with my measurement as soon as I know.

So my cycle day 3 baseline scan showed:

  • 3mm uterine lining
  • One 11mm cyst or follicle on my right ovary (there is no way to tell the difference between cyst and follicle on ultrasound)
  • 6 smaller cysts or follicles on my right ovary
  • nothing at all on my left ovary

This is a little strange to me since I shouldn’t have a follicle that big yet and plus it is my left ovaries turn to be dominant so the left should be the one with all the follicles starting to come out. They did some blood work just to check since the 11mm thing was there. They said all my labs came back normal so I’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

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Read here to see how the attempt to thicken my lining went!!




30th Birthday

I posted a new vlog today, click here to check it out

Today I had some friends over to celebrate my 30th Birthday. I had a blast with everyone and over all I’m pretty happy to be 30 years old. I do worry about getting older and not yet having children. I had always grown up thinking I would have my first child when I was 22 years old. Now that I’m 30 and have no kids I’m pretty sad about that.


Today marks a new cycle and with it comes hope. This will be my first medicated cycle since surgery and we are adding progesterone to the mix as well. I will do 5 days of clomid, then after an ultrasound to check that my follicles are large enough, I will take the HCG Ovidrel injection to cause ovulation and 36 hours after the injection I will go in for IUI. I just have a good feeling about this cycle. I will be getting a massage a few days before ovulation and I have been doing acupuncture every week for about 9 weeks now. I should be all kinds of relaxed and refreshed to get pregnant.


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Spring, IUI vs IVF and April the Giraffe

New vlog is posted here

Spring has come full force here, well actually Summer has almost come with every other day hitting at least 75 degrees. I have already had 3 cook outs for goodness sake!  It’s now nearly getting to hot for me to be comfortable working outside to get the yard ready for spring. Either way, the time for beautiful flowers and new life is upon us. I have had lots of birds visiting my bird feeder including a young woodpecker and what I’m guessing is a young blue jay. It has been so nice to be able to enjoy my morning cup of coffee and listen to the songs of all the birds.

Speaking of new life, We are starting our next medicated cycle in mid March! Yippie!!!! The doctor said that we can do whatever we would like for that cycle so we decided on Clomid 50mg days 3-7, HCG trigger injection when the follicles are ready and IUI 36 hours after the trigger.
The doctor did say he was ready to start IVF with us whenever we are ready. That kind of made my stomach hit the floor! I don’t know a whole lot about IVF since I never in a million years thought I would have to go that far. I would really love for anyone reading this that has gone through IVF to share their story. What is something that you wish you had known before starting IVF? What was surprising to you during IVF? What did you do, what is the basic way IVF goes from start to finish?  I know the super general idea of what IVF is, egg+sperm in a dish for some time an once it is a few days old it goes in the uterus or it can be frozen some time and then go in and then it sticks and is a baby that is born or it doesn’t stick and you get more potential babies put in until you use up all your potential babies. (I’m guessing all that is correct but I can’t be 100% positive).
Also, anyone tried Ferma instead of Clomid? We are possible switching to Ferma if we end up doing another IUI after the mid March cycle since my lining was a little thin (7) on my last Clomid cycle. How was it? Did it thicken your lining? Did you get pregnant?

Me and my furbaby, Summer Sunshine (AKA: Tummy):

In preparation for the new plants that will soon occupy the raised garden bed I have pulled out some of the things left from last years garden. These little carrots made it through the winter just fine. I planted the carrots for the dogs but they never got very big so I just left them there to see if they would grow. They did grow, but not much. The dogs didn’t really care though and they were happy to gobble them up either way. (check out my video about my dogs eating carrots here)



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P.S. Come on April the Giraffe! You can do it girl!! Hopefully when I wake up in the morning I can watch the birth video, because you look pretty uncomfortable!
I haven’t watched a lot of the feed but I have been checking in here and there for a few days now and since my mind is on babies anyhow, its nice to have a baby related thing that’s just for fun.

Supplements and Jewelry

Today was pill day!

I go through and put all my Supplements  in containers. I have quit taking almost all of my prescription medications since they are all no-nos during pregnancy. This saves me about 15 minutes every day getting my meds for the day ready to take to work.

I am taking the following supplements to try to increase fertility:
-Omega 3 EPA/DHA
-Nettle Leaf
-Folate 800mg
-Magnesium 250mg
-Inositol 500mg
-Red Raspberry
-CoQ10 300mg
-Asprin 81mg
-Antacid (Tums) 1000mg
-Smarty Pants prenatal vitamin with folate


I also made my fertility bracelet today. It was just a fun little craft that was an excellent stress reliever. I looked over all my beads and picked out all my favorite ones in the right colors (blue and pink, of course!) I couldn’t resist adding two purple and green stones at the end, just because I like them so much. Also, some of the pink stones are rose quartz which is supposed to aid in fertility.
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